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 Posted: 01-09-2017 04:00 pm
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Bfitz241 wrote:
I believe my carbs are plain "45", but I'll check to be sure.
RE: the idle air corrector-do the leaner numbers have larger or more emulsion drillings and larger bleeds through the top or is there another difference?

I don't know. I've not seen them all, just the few I use. Of those, I prefer using the 7850-7.

The Main Emulsion Tubes are complicated, bordering on Black Art/ Witchcraft. The number of holes, locations, sizes and shapes vary. Then the main jet stick assembly consists of three items, main jet, emulsion tube and air corrector.

The idle jet stick assembly is only two parts, with the idle jet holder being a combination of the Idle Air Corrector Jet plus the Idle Emulsion Tube. I presume (but I don't know) some of the same 'Black Art' also creeps into the emulsion tube part of the idle jet holder.

Regardless, it's an area where you need to know what you're doing before making modifications. It's easy to drill out a jet. It's not so easy to modify an emulsion tube and get the desired result.

Going richer means less air, which will require reducing hole sizes/ quantities. That's not as easy as just getting busy with a drill.

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