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 Posted: 01-03-2017 10:54 am
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It's true that the standard cooler contains some oil - but this also helps in preventing the sump oil from reaching or exceeding the temperature at which it starts to oxidise and lose its capacity for bearing protection.
As stated earlier by Brett, Jensen would not have installed one if they had not deemed it necessary for the markets in which the car was sold.
Tim - My own view is that removing it would be a retrograde step, and enhancing it by fitting an oil stat is a good way of ensuring that the oil is at the optimum 80-100C range. The oil cooler is bypassed until the oil temperature reaches 80C so there is no risk of over cooling as per standard setup in cool weather.
In my own experience driving like a human on rural roads with a 90km/h limit in temperatures of between 10-20C the oil cooler does not warm very much. At higher ambient temperatures in the range of 20-30C on the autoroute with a 130km/h limit, after two hours the cooler gets too hot to touch - same for extended periods of stop and go during rush hour in a city.
Whatever you decide to do it makes sense to consider all the variables in how the car is used and that good oil temperature control is a very cost effective insurance.