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 Posted: 12-27-2016 06:10 pm
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Indeed. The American importer, Kjell Qvale, formed a ‘new’ company with Donald Healey and the Jensen Co. was the ‘hired builder’ and partner. This arrangement did not last, but for a time, from Jensen’s point of view, they were ‘hired’ to produce cars for the new company in addition to their usual work, the Interceptor. As we know, the losses from the J-H project took out the new company and any and all partners, including Jensen Motor Cars, and all was lost. I’m sure the no respect thing is alive and well with some Jensen people harboring a belief that the J-H project came to Jensen from ‘outside’ and ruined their party. I’m sure this oversimplification leaves out many details, but there are many who think of Jensen Motor Cars of the Interceptor heritage (they go way back to before WWII making their very limited production luxury cars) as a separate entity from the J-H. Oh Well. The J-H really is a great car, just the wrong car at the wrong time. Imagine if the first J-H was the JH5 and the original engine was a 912. Obviously, none of this was to be. As a personal note, I owned a 240Z prior to my ’73 J-H. I let the Z go primarily because the engine just was not ‘interesting’ enough. Ha!