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 Posted: 11-25-2016 12:52 pm
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Jensen Healey Specific Manual Eccentric Hub

Ditch the 2x 6005's and replace with the superior 1 piece Timing Belt Bearing SKF 414871A or the Flennor FS03299 (as pictured) Either will fit.
  • Full concentric abutment with spot face on the block increasing rigidity.
  • Full concentric abutment with spot face on the block reducing carving of block spot face upon multiple readjustments.
  • Centralized Adjustment nut allowing normal spanners.
  • Protruding hex to allow for easier spanner fit.
  • Hard shoulder while pressing in to avoid misalignment with crank sprocket.
  • Reduced radial offset yet increased OD of roller to allow for more forgiving adjustment.
  • Wider Roller over the Stock J-H Shell.
  • Increased Diameter over stock J-H Shell.

Attachment: J-H Eccentric Hub 2.jpg (Downloaded 95 times)

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