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 Posted: 11-22-2016 04:58 pm
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qwerty wrote:
I'm also thinking of lessening the eccentric offset of the 10mm hole by a few mm to allow for more control when tensioning, as you mentioned and as i've found out it's bloody sensitive! Not too much or it will make installing the belt a little hard for some but just a little.I agree the eccentric tensioner would be much better if it wasn't so hyper-sensitive to adjustments. A wrenching buddy and I have talked about doing the same thing, but we've gotten no further than talk. The issue is that you're splitting hairs between 1) not having sufficient travel to achieve enough tension on a range of belts, and 2) being way too hyper-sensitive.
qwerty wrote:
Enlarging the diameter of the shoulder would be nice so it butts up against the full spot face on front seal housing.
The shoulder that touches the boss on the seal cover can't be enlarged. It presses through the bearing bore from front to rear, so bore-size is as big as it can get.

Tim Engel