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 Posted: 11-20-2016 05:58 pm
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Dear All

I am really struggling with the tachometer in my GT which, despite being calibrated 3 times, is still reading low. It is the standard Smiths RVI tachometer, but converted to RVC function with a Spiyda RVI-RVC conversion board when I upgraded to electronic ignition in 2015. I pulled the tacho out of the dashboard and calibrated it again yesterday, against my multimeter rev counter, and it was reading OK. But as soon as I put it back in the dashboard it started reading low again. I've checked behind the dashboard and all the wires are still connected. it's almost as if mounting the tacho in the dashboard is somehow impinging on the mechanism so it does not read properly. But this doesn't make sense as it's an electronic unit, not a mechanical unit like the speedo.

I am getting really bored of pulling the tacho and reinstalling it - which is very awkward and always results in at least 2 cuts and grazes on my hands. So any ideas would be gratefully received!

Best wishes,