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 Posted: 11-16-2016 06:00 pm
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I was reading this, trying to remember since I just had my head off for reconditioning and new valves last winter. Clinton's sounds like mine (mine has Strombergs, just to be clear). Now that I read his writeup, I also specifically remember 11 studs and nuts. Those two underneath were a pain to get to, but they were accessible. If I remember right, what I did was to remove the other more accessible ones first, then loosened the last two while moving the manifold away from the head so that the nut had clearance to come off the stud.

When reinstalling, same principle: I slid the manifold loosely in place, just enough to get those two "inaccessible" washers and nuts on and start the threads, then install the rest of the nuts and washers and finish tightening and torquing.

EDIT: found a picture of my cylinder head ready for installation, you can see all 11 studs with nice red arrows pointing to the two in question.

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