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 Posted: 11-15-2016 10:17 pm
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Thanks for replies
All very helpful. I was misinformed on the estimate was $500 not $3000 bad handwriting. Still helps to have additional information.
Hoping to get the 3 fuse box up and livable for at least a year. No cover.
Also I thought someone [Greg] said something about which type of fuse to use BUT I can't find it.
What's the spec on the fuse [35 amp?] and where can I get them ? It has two fuses that are frosty white and look "English" the third is a typical american glass tube type.
The wiki on Lucas fuse was a little confusing and didn't see much about which fuses the Jensen Healey 1975 3 fuse box uses.
Guys thanks for the replies really helps not to feel alone with this "almost there" project
Does anyone know which fuse controls the turn signals? My manual page 28 didn't list them on any of the three. Are they called something else in England? hood/bonnet
I can live without tach even fuel Gage but not turn signals.