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 Posted: 11-13-2016 08:33 am
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My thoughts also Tim only you combined it all in to one sentence... Well put! -  "If the J-H and Lotus tensioners are functionally interchangeable (and I think they will be), then it would only be as complete assemblies. Don't expect any of the bits to interchange individually, other than the stud, washer & nut."

Happy to wait till Tuesday, for the dimension, It doesn't have to be exact as it'll either be closer to 25 or 31mm and we'll have our answer. I've already ordered a SKF 414871A...

Also Blue Seals usssuallllly refer to a stainless bearing. Not always though.

I agree, bearings ain't bearings, most shops will tell you it doesn't matter where it's made as the big name brands have plants all over the world (which is true) but where they source their steel from, how they treat the steel and the quality of the plant and training most likely makes a difference.

Bearing choice is a bigger factor and choosing the wrong bearing for it's application can give it a bad name. Choose for the application, Let the bearing guy know where it's going to be used and he'll hopefully make a few educated suggestions considering for example, abutment, number of balls, type of cage and seals, load including vectors, tolerance "ABEC" rating and clearance "C" Rating, RPM Rating, ambient conditions heat/corrosion as well as extremes. They have BIG bearing encyclopaedias that they can address. Heat is a big killer to the lubrication and seals, and that bearing you pried the seal from may have just had it's grease boil off or may have been made to suit high rev 20,000rpm in which case it would have been filled with oil rather than grease or as you said just plain old inexpensive non branded poor quality.

If you simply ask for a 6005 bearing the shop guy will most likely just give you what he has on the shelf yet there will be a mountain of choices based on the variables above and probably more. I am no bearing guy, i just put the application forward and asked the questions to a good bearing shop, they had 11 dollar NSK 6005's on the shelf and was about to walk away with them when a knowledgeable sales person overheard the conversation and that's how i came across those Beco's. The SKF 414871A being specifically designed for the tensioner purpose will have had all these considerations implemented into it's design so we don't need to do the research and that's why i think exploring this whole interchangeability experiment will be well worth it. Sorry for the novel, Tim may just stroll in and boil this down to one sentence haha

I have tried some of those shops and will keep the hunt on for the Lotus hub tonight with your suggestions.

Cheers, Pete

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