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 Posted: 11-13-2016 06:55 am
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qwerty wrote:
The third major difference 3) The bearing's bore: the ID on the 6005 bearings is 25mm whereas the ID on the SKF 414871A is 31mm. This is why i'm after Geoff's Lotus replacement.If the J-H and Lotus tensioners are functionally interchangeable (and I think they will be), then it would only be as complete assemblies. Don't expect any of the bits to interchange individually, other than the stud, washer & nut.
qwerty wrote:
The press fit surface of the hub will be larger on the Lotus version than the J-H Version to accept the SKF 414871A - It should measure somewhere just under 31mm. Would you please confirm with your lotus hub you had in your hands?

I hunted high and low for a replacement hub only yesterday to no avail, I messaged Geoff through ebay as currently shipping is not available to Aus so hopefully he will respond soon so i can get this shipped before the belt learns the tracking.
Have you tried SJ Sportscars, PNM Engineering, or Southwest Lotus Centre in the UK? Also, JAE or Dave Bean Engineering in California, USA?

Actually, your best bet might be a used eccentric from Lotusbits in the UK. If need be, Mike Taylor could also provide an inexpensive used front seal housing to match the tensioner.

I have the 'complete' tensioner here... ie, the eccentric pressed into the bearing. Unfortunately, that means I can't access the diameter you want measured. I do intend to take it apart to install a new bearing soon, but I don't have a hydraulic press of my own to do it now. Every Tuesday night is 'Toybox Night' (my buddy's shop), and he has a press. My plan was to do it then... this coming Tuesday. Is that good enough?

In the meantime, I can confirm that the hub is a press fit into the bearing's bore. The replacement bearing is a Flennor S03299 (I've also seen FS03299 referenced), and it measures...
1.214" (30.8356 mm) ID Bore <<<<<<<< ie, a slight negative fit with that.
2.478" (62.9412 mm) OD
1.179" (29.9466 mm) Wide

BTW, the bearing that is on this hub now is one of those inexpensive Chinese bearings I cautioned against using. No brand markings, but this one had black seals, not the blue ones I mentioned. A friend bought it for his Esprit Turbo, and it only lasted a few weeks. I popped the seals out, and it appears the manufacturer was very stingy with the grease. Like, almost none.

Tim Engel

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