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 Posted: 11-13-2016 03:46 am
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Thanks Tim, That's most of the info i needed. I will measure the stock J-H spigot/male boss that pushes into the block and compare with your measurements. If the spigot/male boss matches then Geoff Kemp's Kit (or a Lotus Hub and one piece bearing/roller) may be a direct replacement for the J-H and in my opinion a much better design. The only extra piece we'll be buying in the kit is the stud (stainless apparently), this may still be needed if there are any offset differences though i doubt it. If you would reply with my measurement question below i'll be the guinea pig and try Geoff's kit to check the offsets and confirm it is a direct replacement. If all is well then the intial outlay will be a new Lotus hub and bearing but after that only the bearing will be needed for matainence when changing the belt.
*Snip "The two major differences are 1) the purpose-made tensioner bearing/ roller, and 2) moving the adjuster hex to the front side, where it's easily accessible. The eccentric hub is a press-fit into the bearing's bore."
The third major difference 3) The bearing's bore: the ID on the 6005 bearings is 25mm whereas the ID on the SKF 414871A is 31mm. This is why i'm after Geoff's Lotus replacement. Our current J-H 2 piece hub (in your pic above part 14 and 15 are two separate pieces and part 14, the adjuster nut, is sloppy as hell in the bore of the 6005's) will need to be swapped out for the Lotus hub to make use of the purpose-made tensioner bearing/ roller (SKF 414871A). The press fit surface of the hub will be larger on the Lotus version than the J-H Version to accept the SKF 414871A - It should measure somewhere just under 31mm. Would you please confirm with your lotus hub you had in your hands?

I hunted high and low for a replacement hub only yesterday to no avail, I messaged Geoff through ebay as currently shipping is not available to Aus so hopefully he will respond soon so i can get this shipped before the belt learns the tracking.

Good info on the Aux pulley, i'll check on it.

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