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 Posted: 11-12-2016 08:51 pm
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BTW... The cast iron tappets don't last forever, and I've been seeing a lot of cracked tappets in the last few years. If a tappet fails while the engine is running, worst case can be very much like breaking the timing belt... bent valves.

The next time the cam carriers come off to clearance the valves, consider installing steel tappets. The price of 16 does add up, but there are aftermarket steel tappets that are not only an upgrade, but less expensive than the factory iron tappets. I know JAE and Kemp High Performance Engines (Garry Kemp) stock them, and I presume Dave Bean and SJ Sports Cars do as well. I've not checked any J-H sources, like Delta... call & ask.

Tim Engel