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 Posted: 11-12-2016 09:13 pm
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On a related subject. The auxiliary pulley abutts against a little wire circlip that is not very strong. The pulley can get loose even when the bolt is properly torqued. Apply a little blue/ medium strength Loctite in the pulley bore prior to installation, but try to keep it out of the keyway.

If the pulleys were properly installed last time, heat and a puller will be required to remove the aux pulley. Just be careful not to direct the heat toward the lip seal directly behind the pulley. I wrap a wet rag around the shank of the shaft to protect the seal, then direct the torch flame back to front.

In contrast, apply Anti-Seize to the cam pulleys. They butt-up against a large shoulder and get clamped tightly. They're not going anywhere.

Tim Engel