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 Posted: 11-12-2016 03:14 pm
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This info is very helpful, and I am glad there is an active sting on this topic since figuring out Dellortos is my main mission in life at the moment. I rebuilt my first engine myself in the late 70's (14313) but on my current JH (15800) turned it over to a performance dyno shop for rebuild and setup. I'm not entirely happy with the set up part and have decided to learn about tuning Dellortos on my own. I rebuilt Strombergs a few times, but these are my first Dellortos

My engine is 2.2, 104 / 107 combination, 9.6 compression, Big Valves (West Coast Cylinder Head). The 45 Dellotos are as supplied by the club store. Perhaps Greg could publish all of the carb specs for 2.0 and 2.2 jetting on these? Maybe spec 5 and spec 9 respectively?

I have so far not opened the carbs. As delivered the timing was off spec (way advanced) so I corrected that. I have a Carbtune Pro, and ColorTune, and have been playing with those and have the engine running pretty well, but doesn't feel perfect. Also running hot in spite of new 3-row, largest available oil cooler which could suggest running lean? It seems like air flow, flame color and RPM are not reacting as much to mixture screw adjustments as the Des Hammill book suggests they should. So I am looking at getting an Innovative LM-2 or LC-2 (not sure where I would mount the gauge).

Anyway, I am determined to get this right, and have a question. When the dyno tuner delivered the car, he made a comment that he had to "open up" jets to get it running right. That would be OK I suppose if it made it run right, but the engine as delivered ran like cr%p. So my question is does someone have jet specs for what hole sizes each jet should have? I would like examine the jets and check with pin gauges to see what these yahoos did to me, and correct if necessary.

BTW- I have read through the Hammill book a few times and have learned a lot, but bottom line seems to be that it would be great to have a collection of all of the jets, chokes, venturis, etc to trial and error the fine tune. Who has that? Does anybody know a carb tuning shop on the west coast that can do this?