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 Posted: 11-12-2016 02:08 pm
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In depth and informative.
I especially appreciate the info on the idle air correctors.
I have no interest in beating the snot out this thing...I've got another car for that, tractable, easy to live with are the order of the day.
I haven't weighed the floats...however I do have a scale that can do that, nor have I checked float level...sounds easy enough to do.
I have no idea what was done to the engine outside of it has LOTUS pulleys on the cams and auxiliary drive. My understanding is that is not how Jensens came.
It also has a cast iron manifold. I don't know how well they flow but if you can't get the air out you can't get it in.
I will say this about the engine, it starts easily, idles well and will idle down to 850 rpm. Maybe that can help your analysis.

One thing I would like clarified, you refer to redline...I take that to mean 7,000, am I correct? To be more clear I think you are referring to the same level of rpm for both the Lotus and JH engines
Now, admittedly I haven't driven this thing yet...mostly because it was not capable of being driven. But its mechanical issues are being corrected so that will happen.
I hadn't planned on revving it higher than 6,000.
A related question, what rpm was the horsepower rated?
Thanks for your help

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