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 Posted: 11-12-2016 02:17 am
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Esprit2 wrote: qwerty wrote:
Is this arc to the outer hub normal or wear?It might be normal wear, but it was not apart of the original design or manufacture. It is 'wear'. That could be contributing to your timing belt tracking off center. The blue belt is more stiff, and would not simply conform.

Tim Engel

Would one of the kits pictured (Kemp High Performance engines) be a direct replacement? They advertise this as an upgrade from the S3 auto tensioner to manual and needs an M10 thread into the block, well we already have that so this may be a good upgrade for the part above plus as a bonus the tensioner nut is integrated into the hub so no more slop when adjusting and you get a new tensioner roller with every change.

I heed your advise on the belt tracking yet as i will be doing tension testing for the Gates Blue Belt. (i now have Kriket and Burroughs gauge) i need to get the tensioner correct.

Kit is from an Esprit S3 It's Mostly the diameter and length of the spigot going into the block that needs to fit. I assume the tracking of the pulley will still be positioned to sit center of the crank and Aux Pulley. If the tensioner hole in the block on the esprit is the same as the J-H then it should fit with no issue.

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