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 Posted: 11-12-2016 12:53 am
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qwerty wrote:
Gaaahhh.. Replaced the belt and pulley today and although the old belt was tracking almost spot on center of the sprockets before the install it now runs flush with the rear of the sprocket.
Ps changing the timinng belt is acutally quite easy now that i have done it 20 odd times in 2 hours :)

IMHO, there's nothing wrong with the belt running off-center, as long as it doesn't over-hang the edge, and is stable where it is (ie, doesn't wander). If you have a little OCD kicking in, then knock yourself out. But if you're trying to fix a real problem, I don't believe one exists. Your call.

You're right... the belt is quite easy to install once you get the hang of it. But that doesn't seem to be experience most owners 'want' to get. My record for replacing the 907's belt in a front engine car is 45 minutes. The mid-engine Esprit takes considerably longer.

Tim Engel