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 Posted: 11-12-2016 12:11 am
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Frank Schwartz wrote:
I'll check with my local store and see if they have the blue belt.Call ahead. Even if corporate NAPA/ O'Reilly's lists the belt, the local neighborhood store may not stock it. But they can order it and have it in a day or two. Or just mail order it from, and save yourself some running around.
Frank Schwartz wrote:
So I understand, a blue round toothed belt as Lotus uses is also available, too???The round tooth belt is called a HTD (High Torque Drive). The Blue HTD belt that is available for the later Lotus engines is also made by Gates Racing (again, the blue is a Gates Racing trademark).

Not to put too fine of a spin on it, but "Lotus" never sold the blue HTD belt. It was an independent Lotus parts vendor, JAE, that worked with Gates Racing to develop the blue HTD belt for Lotus engines. As a result, JAE has exclusive rights to the blue HTD belt, but they distribute it to all other Lotus parts suppliers who want to buy it.
Frank Schwartz wrote:
I only know the belts as square toothed and half moon (late lotus) ...what is the trapezoid???The 'square' tooth isn't really square. The sides are tapered, and a tapered square is a trapezoid. We're talking about the same thing, just using different names.

Another advantage of the blue belt is that it's very stable. Continue to check the belt's tension on a regular basis, but it's highly unlikely that you'll ever have to re-set the tension after the initial installation.

Tim Engel

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