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 Posted: 11-11-2016 11:21 pm
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Frank Schwartz


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Hmmmm...if you have one of the digital radios, they have a clock that is easier to see and, of course.
Then you can leave the dead clock in the hole and consider it a conversation piece.

Actually, I do not know if there is a repair place for them, I have half dozen in my junk box from parted out JHs that had those little square devils that will not work, no matter how I cleaned them up or diddled with them....

The round VDO clock I put in my Interceptor went bad and it cost me more than a new one, I think, to get it repaired.

If you can make an adaptor or cover plate for a round clock, you can get nice ones that work very well at the car parts stores...reasonably priced, too.