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 Posted: 11-11-2016 02:05 pm
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This little thingy has become an invaluable tool while troubleshooting the timing belt so i'll elaborate. It looks like lot of steps but it's really not, just being clear.
  • Cut a length of used belt to 215mm cut on an angle (Pic Attached) I started from the inside of one tooth to the outer of two teeth over. The pic will explain (Blue Line)
  • Turn inside out and Temporarily super glue with the teeth aligned, the teeth need to be pretty accurately aligned.
  • Align cam gears to exactly TDC, we need to get this spot on as installing the tool and additionally while it's in place installing a belt will be a lot easier later on
  • After glue has completely dried push into cam gears, you should have two empty circles at either end
  • Insert top and bottom hard circular fillers (Aluminium) in my case, anything hard can be used, we just want to stop rotation. Mine was 15.3mm and 18.0mm yet an average will most likely work of 16.65mm each. Just as long as they are snug and all the teeth sit nicely.
  • Once the hard circular fillers are in there, partially fill with Sikaflex to bond the shape, make sure you get a fix on both the top and bottom surfaces as we want to keep it's shape when we remove it. Leave overnight but don't let it seep out the back of the belt and on to the cam sprockets.
  • Once dry Remove it, then reinsert making sure it fits and it's kept it's shape. If it doesn't reinsert and fill a bit more making sure not to soil the cam sprockets.
  • Once you have a nice fit take it to a dry flat surface and fill all of it, i cut an additional piece of belt as a backing, traced it and pushed it in and filled it solid, we don't any want rotation.
  • I then ground a lead in with a linisher to make it easier to insert and also marked the center TDC tooth for reference.

In use it takes a good thumb push to get it in there but once it's in it instils confidence.

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