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 Posted: 11-11-2016 07:20 am
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Gaaahhh.. Replaced the belt and pulley today and although the old belt was tracking almost spot on center of the sprockets before the install it now runs flush with the rear of the sprocket.

Spent a few hours trying this and that,
Bent tensioner stud:No
Rotate Stud 90Deg to see if it made a difference: No
Rotate Stud 180Deg to see if it made a difference: No
Bearings pressed in too far or too short: tried both, no difference
Rotated Idler pulley back up to the top incorrect position - a little better but not much.
Rotated back down to the correct position - running to the rear again.
Flipped belt and reinstalled with front facing back: - Still runs to the rear.
Flipped belt back to correct arrow facing forward - Running to the back
Swapped belt to the HTN Version, Runs to the rear but not flush maybe 1-2 mm off
Swapped to the Second Blue belt i have, runs maybe 1mm off the rear.

I've got nothing, the belt i took off ran in the center. Is it possible that due to the slight convex shape to the idler pulley that it will stretch in and move to center over time? I will change back to the old belt soon and see it it runs center, if it does the issue lies with the belt and not the changes. I'll report back.

Ps changing the timinng belt is acutally quite easy now that i have done it 20 odd times in 2 hours :)

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