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 Posted: 11-10-2016 08:43 am
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Thanks Tim,

No specific issue other that observing that the stud was rotating as well as the hex adjuster while removing. Remember i adjusted it the day before from an incorrect position to correct (anticlockwise) position this may have loosened the stud hence my question. I've never had a problem with 243 removal and never required heat to get it off. As noted never put Loctite or any compound on a Nylock. Being Nylon it will absorb moisture over time and expand to do a better job of locking.

I picked up some bearings today that may be worth a look at, High Temperature bearings ABEC 3, rated -30 to 150 Celsius. ( Standard bearings are rated to 80celcius) That means the seals and lubrication inside wont degrade under those temp ranges and the ABEC 3 tolerance will be a little tighter meaning less play in the roller. RPM rated at 7000.

BECO (Italian) Good stuff from experience. SKF also has equivalents.
Material Steel AISI 52100 (chrome steel) with special heat treatment stabilising
Radial Clearance C4
Quality Abec 3
Rubber seals rated for 150°c
Greased rated for 170°c

Special Application for Automotive Belt Tensioner BECO BHT 2RS 150° BTE COMP (Size 6005).

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