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 Posted: 11-10-2016 08:02 am
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It shouldn't be necessary. If you don't have a specific issue that needs a bandaid, then avoid using Loctite on studs (or bolts) into the block or head (any aluminum casting) unless it's called for in the manual. If you ever damage the external threads on a stud that's Loctited, then you'll have a heck of a time getting it out. It's hard to heat that much mass hot enough to kill the Loctite, and if you succeed, then the required temperature puts the aluminum at risk of being annealed.

I've never had the tensioner stud back out, but the Nyloc nut can loosen if the tensioner is turned in the wrong (clockwise) direction to tighten the belt. It's a simple thing to turn the tensioner counter-clockwise. Just do that and forget the Loctite.

One exception to no Loctite in the block is the three engine mount bolts in a triangle pattern on either side of the block. Those bolts do tend to loosen, so apply some blue, medium strength Threadlocker.

BTW, never add Loctite to a Nyloc nut. It attacks the Nylon patch inside the nut, causing it to degrade and lose it's grip. It's a chemical compatibility thing, not a lock/ don't lock thing.

Tim Engel

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