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 Posted: 09-15-2005 04:55 pm
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I think the 40mm Dellortos are great on the JH (it's what they came with from the Factory, of course, on non-Federal cars) and tend to be underrated for no good reason. If you want to build a performance motor, and perhaps add a big valve head, you will want to move some air through that and to move air you will need larger venturis. The 40mm Dellortos go up to 36mm for the chokes, but a performance 907 will want 37mm or 38mm plus and so 45mm carbs would be prefered. If you want to go nuts, a set of 48mm Dellortos might even be desirable. Parts-wise, all the jets and mis. bits are close in price, so I wouldn't hesitate to use a set of 40mm on regular road car with a stock engine or even a tuned engine. If you're looking for getting the most out of the 907 engine, you'll be wanting the 45mms.

The Dellortos are an improved version of the Weber (which don't offer the same progression) and I'd avoid Webers for this reason.