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 Posted: 11-08-2016 03:17 am
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Screenplay wrote:
I, too, ran one for many miles in the wrong position as I was following the instructions in the WSM. Thanks to Tim's tip It now looks like yours in the correct position.
I wonder if Lotus made this recommendation in a later manual on the Esprit or if it's one of those things owners figured out over the years?
Lotus did add the instruction to later manuals. As I recall, the word was pretty well distributed via TSB's and the dealer network prior to making it into the manuals, but it did end up in print.

The 9XX engines continued in production for another 20 years or so after the J-H & GT went away. A lot more was learned about the engines than appears in the J-H WSM. Experience later showed that some early specs, like the recommended timing belt tension, were inadequate. It would be wise for J-H owners to have the "Engine" section as well as "Technical Data Section A" from later Lotus manuals. Not that every word applies directly, but there's good general info that can be useful.

Tim Engel