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 Posted: 11-08-2016 12:45 am
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G'day Clint,

I thought the same abou the WSM, maybe this is why there were a few belts jumpimg teeth in the past. I posted up in detail for newbies like me for future reference as there's no one spot on the internet that explains it all, Just what's the right way and what's wrong way but not the why.

Tim's rule of rotating the eccentric counter clockwise nailed the what to do part.

Thoughts on your belt running at the back and relying on the principle of aligning a belt on a linisher/belt sander.

Only thing i can think of is that one or more of the sprockets in the belt train is out of alignment? The running surfaces need to be parallel and i'd imagine a hard problem to diagnose. You'd have to lean one of the cog's top forwards to have the belt run to the back side of the pulley.

I'd rule out the cams and the crank as they are mounted pretty solid. Is the tensioner stud bent at all? The Aux pulley could be out due to permatex etc build up on the oil pump/dizzy assembly gasket at the back.

Place a steel rule vertcally over all the sprockets and compare looking side on and see if the Aux sprocket is leaning forwards. The difference would be hardly noticeable so the longer the ruler the better.

Hope this helps.

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