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 Posted: 11-06-2016 04:40 pm
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Yes the upside down is a reference to the eccentric, nice one Clint, that may be why my lower A arms are back the front with the sway bar mounts pointing forward. :)

Upside down refers more accurately to being 180 degrees out or the bearing running closer to the aux pulley. Apparently we can install with the bearing center in either position (closer to the Aux pulley or closer to the Crank Pulley).

There are reasons for installing it closer to the crank pulley. In my picture above with the bearing closer to the aux sprocket imagine if the bearing spinning in it's normal anti-clockwise rotation and seizes/semi seizes or the lock nut starts to fail, the belt will loosen the stud (i'm assuming it's a stud) going into the block or the tensioner nut. The tensioner will swing away and the belt looses all it's tension and we don't want to talk about that. Additionally timing belts are not always uniform tension as it runs around the belt train, when the tension incrases it will apply force to the swinging action that is away from the belt and that swinging action would be anti clockwise this variation could slowly loosen off the threads over time.

Installing with the bearing center (blue dot) below the stud (big orange blob) in the image below (ie the bearing is closer to the crank pulley) and any of the above happens it will mitigate the risk of loosening the belt due to the pulley swinging (orange blob being the pivot point) into the belt and maintaining some tension until you pull over after hearing some god awful bearing noise from under the bonnet. Looking at the WSM it also looks to be dead center between the two sprocket diameters  when installed closer to the crank pulley.

Still looks like a one piece jobby to me, i'll check it out tomorrow. If it isn't i'll be equally as happy as i have ABEC3&5 6005's on hand.

Anyhoo i hope this helps. Besides i think i've hit a new PB on the number of times i've edited a post.

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