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 Posted: 11-04-2016 08:56 pm
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Hi Brian

I was trying to post a scan from the Lotus workshop manual, which shows DHLA45 jetting for the various "specs" of Lotus engines from 907 through to 912HC. But I can't because Photobucket isn't working at the moment. In the meantime I'll annotate your original post with the jetting from Lotus 907 engine spec 1, which is more or less contemporaneous with the last of the J-H 907 engines but with a higher CR (9.5:1 vs. 8.0:1), increased cam duration and lift (D cams vs. C cams) and increased port size in the cylinder head (25.5mm vs. 24mm)

Starter jet 70
Main air corrector jet 110
Main emulsion tube 7772-5
Main jet 142
Idle jet holder 7850-1
Idle Jet 55L
Auxiliary venturi (figure not provided)
Chokes 38mm

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,