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 Posted: 11-04-2016 04:00 pm
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Posted this in my thread, but thought this was a more appropriate location

Took a look at my carburetors yesterday. Dellorto 45s.
I'll list what I found for those interested:
Cold start jet 95 [that seems excessive to me]
Main air corrector 230
Main emulsion tube 7772.7
Main jet 158

Idle jet holder/air corrector 7850.9
Idle Jet 58

Auxiliary venturi 8011.1
Chokes 36mm

Admittedly I'm not a Dellorto guru, but based on the book and the presumed level of engine modification [not much] this setup seems to be all over the place. To me it looks like he was trying for high rpm hi flow high power but at the same time trying to keep the low speed lean for economy.

I'll say this, it sooted up a new set of plugs in about 20 mins idle time and that's with an MSD 6 AL.

Comments appreciated