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 Posted: 11-02-2016 12:42 am
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Brett Gibson JH5 20497 wrote:
I cut one up just to see how tuff they are with an "OLFA" Knife box cutter, takes a little time but slices's it up. friend's Esprit had the timing belt jump a few teeth, and took out the valves. When we got the belt out, we found it had been rubbing on something, and was worn down to half it's normal width. He was going to trash it, but I saved it.

I then bought a large strap wrench from Harbor Freight, and replaced the strap with the narrow timing belt. Now when I want to securely hold a pulley while tightening or loosening the retaining bolt, I have a strap wrench that will actually engage the pulley teeth. It has a very secure grip.

Tim Engel

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