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 Posted: 10-27-2016 05:31 am
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Thanks Brett, valid points.

This is why a simple swap from front to back wouldn't be ideal. removing the fuel entry at the front carb and then unbolting the assembly of the remaining banjos and rail then rotating it 180 would be best. From what i can see (on a RHD JH) is that the line could be routed nicely with minimal sharp bends, well no more than normal... To do it in a nice flowing route i'd have to trim back or bend the hard fuel line that enters the bay fron the underbody a bit which is why i'm hestiting on it.

Another thought crossed my mind that when under heavy acceleration the fuel may be starved if entering at the rear engine due to inertia?? Routing into the front carb in a nice long arc would help balance vectorial weight of the fuel in the line. I admit i might be clutching at straws here.

I may just leave it as is and try not to look at it too much as it messes with my OCD haha