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 Posted: 10-25-2016 10:42 pm
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Today; drained the rack. Thanks to Redracer for his tip. drained it through the lower plate [the one that leaked] and refilled through the top. Used a plastic ratchet clamp [ACE hardware, available in multiple sizes] on the left rack boot and used THE RIGHT STUFF rtv on the lower cover plate. So far, no leak.
Drained and refilled the rear end as the cover was seeping...The Ape had used blue rtv....well I used THE RIGHT STUFF....refilled to the plug and no leaks yet.
Installed radiator hoses, temp switch for electric fan, heater hoses. Then I got tired and went inside. Will continue under the hood tomorrow provided I don't have to back track due to leaks. Also filled the transmission, greased both u joints and the driveshaft slip joint...all of these things were dry. The rack had been empty, probably for years, and the rear was about half full.