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 Posted: 10-24-2016 06:14 pm
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Was everything running OK until recently? If you do change the coil, be sure it is a 1.5 ohm one as the GTs have the 1.5 nickel-chromium resistive wire going to it(giving 3 ohm for "RUN" condition).
We usually "shotgunned" the ignition items(points, plugs, wires, rotor, condenser, cap)so we can start from scratch.
We have had BRAND NEW points bad, as there was a little too much clamping down on the riveted fulcrum post, causing the dwell to increase to the point of stopping the engine running.
As for coils, I have rarely seen one go bad on our J-Hs or Healeys, the few exceptions being oil oozing from the top.