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 Posted: 09-15-2005 01:55 pm
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Judson Manning

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I wouldn't be too concerned about the O/D unit, if too much power is applied, the rear tires will let go first.  That is unless you put on fat racing tires and thrash the heck out of the car...

According to the Vauxhall competition parts catalog/brochure, the Viva rear end isn't designed to handle more than 140hp.  What they're really saying is that with the stock axle not stiffened, and no LSD, it's REALLY hard to get more than 140hp to the ground before the tires/suspension lose traction.

Think of the tires as a fail-safe device.  This is the main reason why I don't suggest the installation of fat tires on 15x7 wheels. 

Joe Huffaker snapped a set of stock JH axles during testing of Bruce Qvalle's E-prod car (which used 15x7 wheels, btw).  This is precisely why the SCCA allows the JH (and NO other car) an alternate rear-end assembly.  It's also why the SCCA allows alternate brakes for the JH, because the stock brakes are NO match for 15x7s!

There comes a time when bigger isn't necessarily better....