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 Posted: 10-21-2016 06:05 am
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We are getting a little off topic here but yes I got my kit from Mike Taylor at Lotusbits. You get a fair amount of competition quality stuff for the money particularly if you compare the cost and functionality of a pair of Dellortos and a Pertronix with multi point fuel injection with crank triggered ignition - cost difference is not that much.
I got the kit from Mike Taylor at Lotusbits which consists off
1) 2 off 48mm Jenvey throttle bodies with rampipes.
2) Throttle linkage and cable
3) Fuel rails and Bosch injectors (an6)
4) Weber fuel pressure regulator(an6)
5) Coil and sensors – temp, air ect
6) Crank trigger wheel mounted to pulley
7) Machined crank trigger bracket for sensor
8) High pressure fuel pump and fuel filter(an6)
9) Pro wiring loom (all tagged)
10) DTA S40Pro ECU
11) Distributer drive plug that does not leak.
What he did not provide and you need to source yourself.
1) Fuel hoses and an6 fittings - plus you need to run a return line from the fuel pressure regulator back to the tank. I used a self cutting fitting and ran this to the filler hose. from Merlin
2) Swirl pot – must have if you don’t like burned pistons. from Merlin
3) 2 off relays – the ECU controls the HP fuel pump and the Auxiliary electric fan – it provides switching current only.
4) Possibly a Tacho – some work some don’t – mine did not – got a Lucas competition type from Merlin
5) Lambda sensor + weld in bracket for exhaust
6) MAP sensor
Another thing to consider particularly in Europe (as the cost of petrol) is that fuel economy is significantly better - 5-6mpg better.
I am not familiar with the Espirit setup or the GM ECU