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 Posted: 10-20-2016 04:18 pm
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Frank Schwartz


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Absolutely fascinating...I have renovated two Jensen GT's and the fuse block was always a problem getting to function after thirty years of wrong size fuses and oxidized contacts...
From your picture, it seems it is right hand drive.

Also I have restored five or six Jensen Healeys (plus my Interceptor) and the electricals are always a stumbling block. I totally rewired my Interceptor as the wiring in it when I got it was beyond saving. I have new style fuses and fuse block and have not had one single problem in the fifteen years since I restored it.
Now, I think it is time I did something as you have, on the Jensen Healey now that I am working on.

Fuel Injection on a Lotus motor is fascinating. I'd appreciate particulars on that...suggest not on this link, but direct emails, if you are comfortable with that. I am at

Regards to all