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 Posted: 10-20-2016 03:04 pm
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Hi Frank,
I have a total of 16 blade fuses and 4 relays as described below – this is on a GT with fuel injection so items like rear screen heater, power windows, high pressure pump, ECU and auxiliary fan will not apply to a carburetted Healey.
1) Front side lights 5a
2) LH tail 5a
3) RH tail and number plate
4) Horn and headlight flasher 10a
5) Interior lights 10a
6) Instrument panel and under bonnet light 10a
7) Hazzard lights 15a
8) Screen washer 15a
9) Windscreen wipers (front and back) 25a
10) Rear screen heater 25a
11) Ignition 25a
12) ECU DTA S40Pro 20a
13) Heater fan 35a
14) Power windows 25a
15) Relay 1+2 30a
16) Relay 3+4 30a
Relay 1) HP Fuel pump (controlled by the ECU)
Relay 2) Aux fan (controlled by the ECU)
Relays 3+4 are spare.

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