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 Posted: 10-15-2016 09:50 am
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Happy to be a guinnea pig,

Tim are there any specs on the HTD belt (which i was looking for but can't find the crank pulley, otherwise i would have gone down that road) with regards to Hertz tuning? At work we tune all our belts using Hz or "frequency vibration" to tune belts.

Thanks for the heads up on whine = too tight (<--EDITED). I will report back, also with a Hz frequecy.

There are apps for the iPhone out there for frequency tuning ( i used a continental app to compare), you place the microphone over the longest part of the belt and tap the belt with the handle of a screwdriver or simply your finger. The iPhone will record and display the frequency it vibrates at, indicating tenision. I was suprised at how accurate and repeatable it is.

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