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 Posted: 10-14-2016 05:52 am
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Frank Schwartz


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I have found that some JHs have a fuse box with double clips at each end and some with single clips at reach end. Obviously Jensen changed suppliers somewhere along the production line. Anyhow on our JH 18299 we have the box with double clips at each end. Strangely some of these double clips are not connected to each other and supply different circuits and the fuse must make contact at each end with both sides of the clips to work. Really weird.

I wondered about changing the fuse box to a more modern one using the modern flat fuses, but find the harness is so tight that drawing out the box to work on the back of it is almost impossible.

So.... I wonder if anyone has ever changed the fuse box and if so, how they did it, what they used and the results.

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