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 Posted: 09-15-2005 02:33 am
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Hi All:

I have my '73 JH out of rebuilding and now am in the shake down period.  I have installed an entirely new brake system including master cylinder (TR 6 ), hoses, front pads and rear shoes, and rear wheel cylinders.  I have bled the system thoroughly and have a very firm brake pedal while parked. Now the strange part. When I apply the brakes (at any speed), the pedal is firm and slows the car nicely without any pull or drag. As I come to a near stop and slightly let up on the pedal, I get a slight "rattle" feel then the pedal needs to be depressed even further to come to a complete stop. At the complete stop, I let up on the pedal (which is now almost one third to one half way down) and when re-applied (while stopped) the pedal is high and firm again.  I have checked the vacuum line to the servo and all seems ok. Any help would be appreciated.


Dave Ciaccio  #12248