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 Posted: 10-11-2016 11:02 am
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Esprit2 wrote: subwoofer wrote:
You have both cams installed with Red Dot (110MOP) as the valid timing mark, but if I am not much mistaken they have been timed one tooth advanced (if the white marks are anything to go by). -- Joachim
Peter/ qwerty,
Your photos of the pulleys leave us guessing about how the cams are actually timed. It would be very helpful if you would turn the crankshaft clockwise (as you look at the front of the engine) until it's at Top Dead Center (TDC). Then post another photo of the two pulleys together, so we can see which dots align, and how well they align.

If the cams are stock C-cams, then it would be best for the two red dots to end up aligned when the crank is at TDC.

Tim Engel


Today i had the chance to get the bores ready to rotate the engine to TDC and as you can see by the photos it is in fact timed to 110 / 110. My appologies for the confusion. The mystery is solved and the white marks debunked. I will erase them.

I will post 4 pictures: two at red dot alignment and crank mark sitting at TDC and another two with the white marks and crank mark sitting at 2x past TDC

My appologies for the confusion to all and feel free to delete certain posts as to not cause confusion for future reference. We all gained from the informative response you gave in response. (i'm a glass is half full person).