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 Posted: 10-11-2016 05:53 am
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Tim Murphy wrote:
(Snip)... With the engine running at 1k (25D Distributor), check the ignition timing at the crank pully, it is usually set around 8 to 12 degrees BTDC. Now check the cam white marks with a timing light, they probably line up. If they don't, they may indicate maximum advance at higher rpms, in which case they will line up when viewed with a timing light at 2,500-3000 rpm.I'm not getting my head around that. The ignition fires before TDC, which would require the white marks to be clockwise from the red dots, not counter-clockwise... ie, leading the red dots, not following them. The white marks are on the wrong side of the red dots to be used for checking 'advanced' ignition timing... or I'm totally screwed-up.

Tim Engel