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 Posted: 10-11-2016 01:21 am
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Tim Murphy

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qwerty: "I'm sure he knew that the 110/110 timing was correct for the engine without emissions and is why the white marks have piqued my interest"

Tim: I believe the white marks are there on the cams to check Ignition Timing with a timing light.

If you turn the Engine to TDC I bet the red dots line up. With the engine running at 1k (25D Distributor), check the ignition timing at the crank pully, it is usually set around 8 to 12 degrees BTDC. Now check the cam white marks with a timing light, they probably line up. If they don't, they may indicate maximum advance at higher rpms, in which case they will line up when viewed with a timing light at 2,500-3000 rpm.
Hope this helps. Take care all.