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 Posted: 10-10-2016 03:55 am
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You certainly have your work cutout if you decide to fix all that rust. Like others have mentioned you should hope for a donor car somewhere to get the pieces if possible. Having said that, nothing is impossible. It just takes longer and costs more.

From what I can see you're correct that the trunk area will be the easier fix of the group.

Next would probably be the area by the brake booster. Until you have the booster off it's hard to determine the extent of the damage. What does it look like under that area? Might be hard to see in the wheel well area because of the undercoating tar. But look at the inside under the dash and see what it looks like. I'm guessing the area is bigger than it looks. You're going to need to replace part of the firewall there.

Next up would be the hood hinge areas. You mention the passenger side could use some "minor patching" also. Based on that you may end up needing to do both sides. The piece itself isn't hard to make. It's relatively easy. It's what underneath that also poses an issue. There are a lot of spot welds that need to be undone. I'll bet that if you cut out part of this area you will find some of the structure will need to be replaced.

Finally there is the windshield base area. This will be the most difficult piece to make. Do you have access to a bead roller? It would certainly help. What kind of welder do you have. Sounds like it is a TIG because you have a plasma cutter.

That whole area is a concern because those three areas are tied together. You need to remove all the items in the way. That means hood, brake parts, wiring harness, wiper motor, etc. Then sand or media blast to find all the spot welds to get an accurate look at the surrounding metal.

It certainly will be an interesting job and learning experience.