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 Posted: 09-14-2005 12:26 am
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Greg Fletcher

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Waiting for Jim to read this thread may not be very practical. I'm sure he'd be happy to chat on the phone however. Look guys- you own a car that is considered pretty rare. If there's no money in it, why will someone spend the time to save you, the owner, a few bucks? Konig doesn't care about our problems and they certainly won't guarantee a wheel will fit our car if we give them the wrong specs.

A nobel task indeed, trying to get a group purchase together. The reality is that trying to get a group of Jensen owners to agree on anything is like herding cats. It can be gone, but it ain't easy. I'd even be interested in some of these wheels for my own car, but a run for 20 cars and owners with cash in hand? That will be a tough number to meet.

Delta will have Panasports in stock one of these days. Don't blame them for the back order- JH's are low on the priority list for Panasport.