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 Posted: 10-03-2016 04:53 pm
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Hello all!

After lusting after English roadsters I finally got myself into one. I never really wanted a MGB or TR6 because EVERYONE has at least two of those cars, each. Then I found myself tagged in a post with a Craigslist ad for #16984. This car had been on here before with the previous owner. I picked it up 10/1/2016 and began digging in.

First of all I'm going to focus on getting the engine running, then body/rust repairs. Other things such as brakes, suspension bits will be tossed in there willy nilly as I wait on parts/etc.

Now, for the first of a series of questions:


The previous owner had the floor pans replaced some time ago. They still appear fine. However there are three major places with rust.

The first being under the brake booster in the back of the inner wing. Appears brake fluid may have eaten paint off and then the accumulation of bio-trash held moisture, and then it rusted through. Vacuuming the bio-trash out revealed this weak point. No biggie to fix that for me. I'm pretty good with a plasma cutter and welder.

The second place, and probably the easier fix, the boot floor under the fuel tank is pretty holey. Figure some cutting and plate steel will make that whole again. The fuel tank itself I don't think has much of a chance of being salvaged.

One of the parts that worries me is under the left (driver's) side hood hinge. Appears it's more of a molded piece that I'd rather find from another car to cut and weld into place. The right (passenger) side isn't as bad, but could use some minor patching.

The last bit I think I'm mostly worried with is under the windscreen. The glass itself is shattered and needs replaced, but I can see bubbling coming from under the chrome trim. I'll pull the shattered glass, etc and get a better look, but methinks it's going to be the biggest challenge.

Any resources for any of the above bits would be greatly appreciated. Like I said, I'm pretty good with a welder, etc....but anything to make my life, and bringing this car back, easier is welcome.

-Jeff H.