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 Posted: 10-03-2016 03:27 pm
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The early J-Hs did not have the anti-siphon valve(as Nigel stated earlier) for the gas tanks. After chassis # 13843, the tanks were slightly different; there is an extra port in the extrusion where the pressure relief valve is. This hose goes over to the white plastic "T" (only on the later tanks) where the valve is in the end of the hose. This is about the size of a 22 caliber bullet and consists of a small ball with a very low pressure spring in it. When the fuel pump is "ON" the fuel pressure forces the ball the hole in the "bullet" to prevent fuel from going back into the tank. When fuel pressure is "OFF" the spring pushes the ball forward to allow air. This valve MUST be located at the top of the tank so when parked downhill, there is no siphoning effect.
Also, when replacing this short hose, SAVE THE METAL VALVE to put into your new hose.