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 Posted: 10-03-2016 07:53 am
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Wow, looking through old posts and realized I haven't posted in this thread in forever. I'll get some pics together and update soon, but the short version is that Ms. J got completely reassembled and had a very nice summer with very little repair required. Kind of nice for a change.

Not planning on doing much with her this winter since, to be honest, there isn't much left to do. Plus, I acquired another project so Mrs. Answerman can have her own LBC, and this winter will be spent reassembling our "new" somewhat disassembled 1958 Nash Metropolitan convertible. Kind of the polar opposite of Ms. J: the JH is my "go fast" car while the Met will be more of a "looks nice, wins trophies at shows, everyone thinks it's cute, and if I can get it to go over 60MPH that's a bonus" car.