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 Posted: 10-02-2016 06:50 pm
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3/16" thick sounds about right. I used some felt padding that was around 5/16" or so and it was too thick. I had to remove some of the rubber from the fill tube to get it to fit. Felt generally is not recommended because it can hold moisture which can cause rusting, but my tank had a good paint job when I re-installed it and it made slipping the tank in and out much easier than rubber. Any material that is flexible enough to fill in the gaps between the tank and the frame should be fine. Nylon seems like it might be too stiff for this.

There also is supposed to be some padding between the tank and the backside of the cockpit. I used 1/4" cork, which put the drain somewhat forward of the center of the hole in the frame. I think 1/2" is what it is supposed to be.