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 Posted: 09-12-2016 06:41 am
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Finally going to update project status. I am almost complete. For the past several months I have had a heck of a time getting this beast to run properly. Sometimes it was running great tand then it would start sputtering and backfire. I looked at everything, well almost everything. Checked timing, plugs, fuel system, fuel pump, fuel pressure, fuel flow into the carburetors. Seems nothing ever changed the problem.

Well finally I decided to look into the new Delorttos for the 2nd and 3rd times. Finally figured it was a couple of things.

I noticed that the amount of fuel in front carburetor float area was much lower than the rear. The fuel feeds from the rear to the front. I had checked to make sure the needle valves operated by the floats were set properly. They were. That is whenfor the 3rd time I found out that there is a pinkie sized filter in the carburetor just ahead of each needle valve and that the suspect one was indeed clogged. I didn't even know this filter existed.

It was plugged with debris and I cleared it. Ran much better, but it still popped and backfired somewhat. It was then that I noticed that the o-rings between the Delorttos and the intake manifold had been pushed out from their respective seats. I removed the carburetors far enough to be able to reseat the o-ring and retighted the carburetor back to the manifold making sure that the o-rings remained seated properly.

I remember having a couple of of the backfires feel like they came thru the accelerator cable. This must bave been the ones that dislodged the o-rings.

Once these adjustments were completed, I again started the car and everything was a whole lot better. We are still going to final adjust the carbs with a air/fuel minature meter with an O2 sensor. Timeing is set pretty well, but we can final adjust the timing and the adjustable cams if necessary.

Still have to put in the new speedometer cable and take care of tack issues with the Pertronix ignition. Lastly, I need to install the new Robbins softtop and cover and hook up the heater. I think that I will put a shutoff for the heater inside the engine compartment and only have it on in the winter.

I have been driving the car every day and plan on finally driving it to the JHPS meeting in So CA this next week.

Attached are some pics of the completed car so far.

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